Since I joined the work, I have independently or presided over the development of more than 10 game projects. Among them, eating chicken games, FPS games, MMO games, etc. have been well received by users since they were launched, providing the company with complete programs and stable codes, and improving work efficiency. I have a strong interest in software development. In my spare time, I often delve into technology and pay attention to the development trend of IT technology. The analysis of business requirements is relatively thorough, and the ease of use of the client interface operation is considered comprehensively. Since working so far, I have grown from an apprentice to a member of the project team, and then to the current game project manager. The promotion in the past few years has given me the ability to stand alone in game development, and I have been rated as an excellent enterprise for two consecutive years. Employees, this is not only because of my long-term hard work, open-minded and studious attitude in the workplace, but also the result of the patient teaching of the leaders and masters.









Game Design

Design a game according to your ideas, with pages such as gameplay, settings, login, leaderboard, achievements, personal center, etc. Both 3D and 2D can be easily mastered.

Game Development

use my code ability to realize all your needs, you can perform c# hot update, you can realize AI, state machine, behavior tree and so on.

Toolchain Development

I do a lot of tools, whether it's for a game studio or for a Unity store. I can develop a lot of content.

Game Play

I will spend a lot of time to experience your game, and offer suggestions and improvement proposals.

Some tool products


this is a very comprehensive tool for separating and merging RGBA images.



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  • from Hong Kong
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